Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Foods to Avoid for the Hypocalcemia Patient

Foods to Avoid for the Hypocalcemia Patient

Foods to Avoid for the Hypocalcemia Patient

Hypocalcemia is a condition that indicates poor calcium levels in the body. An imbalance in bodily electrolytes is a common cause of low calcium levels. In order to balance electrolytes and raise calcium levels, it is important that the diet include and exclude certain foods. Without proper treatment, this condition can lead to serious illnesses including renal failure.

Acidic Foods

Foods high in acid can deplete levels of alkaline minerals, such as calcium, in the body. When the body loses calcium, it may use calcium stored in the bones, leading to risk of other conditions including osteoporosis. Foods that are highly acidic should be avoided or eaten in moderation. These foods include meat processed foods as found in packaged items. Consumption of dairy, such as cheese and milk, should also be monitored due to their high acidic content.


According to the American Heart Association, food and drinks high in caffeine may lead to dehydration due to increased urination. Dehydration may lower levels of calcium in the body and can lead to hypocalcemia. Sources of caffeine include coffee, soft drinks, teas and chocolate. If caffeine is consumed in the diet, then it should be accompanied by sufficient water intake to avoid dehydration in the body.

Foods High In Sodium

According to the National Institutes of Health, excess sodium in the diet can lead to low levels of aldosterone in the body. Aldosterone is a hormone important in the regulation of sodium in the body. If aldosterone levels are low, sodium may be taken from the blood and stored in muscles and cells. This may lead to dehydration and an eventual imbalance in electrolytes, the main cause of hypocalcemia. Sodium-rich sources include table salt, and processed and packaged foods, such as frozen dinners and canned soups.

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